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Vinner Shoes Founder & Background


The backbone of the Vinner Shoes Empire. Mr. Devendra Shah have been a pioneer and leader when it comes to business. His passion towards being a businessperson was so dominant that after completing his SSC in 1974 he immediately started a job as a ‘sales man’ at Empire Shoes, Chembur.

The key motive of this smart entrepreneur was to learn the real shoe market nitigrities prior commencing his own business. After gaining a considerable amount of exposure, Mr.D.Shah, re-located to Agra and on 13th August 1980, started M/S Agra Boot House by forming a joint venture with his two brothers. A complete Hindu family joint business, which flourished to newer heights as time, passed and finally a Purchase house was established at Agra after his marriage in 1984.

Experimenting has always been his knack. In, 1990 Mr Shah quitted his Family business and started a separate shoe company with his friend in partnership. However, partnership was short lived; soon he took the risk in October 1992 and founded M/S Vinner Shoes a wholesale business dealing in all kinds of Men Footwear exclusively. The company was solely run and established by Mr.D.Shah and was officially registered in 1994.

Present Successors of Vinner Shoes

The company has been doing extremely well since its existence and always paced in the direction of expansion. Soon in 2006, Mr Kevin .D. Shah elder son joined the business with immense enthusiasm and took the business to newer podiums of accomplishment. This was soon reflected when in 2007 he gifted his father a brand new Women Footwear Department that is solely managed by Kevin.

Further, during 2008-2009 the younger siblings Rohan.D.Shah and Pratik.D.Shah too joined the business thus multiplying the profits by contributing their efforts and more great business ideas. The energies were well invested and soon expanding Vinner Shoes globally gained momentum by 2012. Finally, in 2013 Mr. Kevin started Vinner Shoes Export Division. The company has stretched its root on foreign land and is successfully exporting its products to the Gulf and African land.

With young passionate minds, Vinner Shoes is all set to boom both globally and locally now!